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How much RAM for battlefield 3?

how much RAM would i need for battlefield 3?
looking at getting 8GB RAM
Does it make a difference when you have windows 7 home premium x64?
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  1. recommended requirement is 4gb minimum 2 gb. since ram is cheap right now, you can even get 8gb (2x4gb). though bf3 might benifit from a stronger gfx card like gtx 560 ti or radeon hd 6950.
  2. 4gb is recommended but if you have money for 8gb than this will give better performance....enjoy
  3. if youve already got 4gb dont bother upgrading, if you have less then you might as well get 8gb over 4 as prices are so low
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  5. What more ram help on bf3?
  6. I believe you NEED win7-64 bit to take advantage of the full 8gb of ram.
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