Problem with XFX HD5670

I bought a new XFX HD5670 1GB Card.
My Motherboard is GA-G31MX-S2. Processor is Core2Duo 2.33 Ghz. RAM is 4 GB.
PSU is 400W. While playing any game like NFS carbon, call of duty world at war etc., Computer freezes and monitor will have not signal and not able to even reset the computer i need to switch off the mains and switch it back on. Please help.
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  1. Check the card temps? It could be an overheating...
    Also try updating your card driver with the latest one from AMD site:
  2. I used GPUz to monitor the temperature when i am playing. Temperature is normal. I used a utility to do the stress test when the GPU is in 100% load it reaches to max of 74 degrees. I have reduced the speed of GPU and Memory using overdrive still no joy.
  3. motherboard has PCIe 1.0x16, whereas the card is 2.1. Will it create any issues.
  4. Uh, your card is 2.1 and your board is 1.0?!
    Then you might have an issue with compatibility, buddy...

    Can't you returned your current 2,1 card and replace it with 2.0 version?
    Or you can update driver/BIOS for your motherboard...
  5. I just got a 500W SMPS. Card is working fine perfectly now......
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