Need a SATA SSD to be recognized as an IDE Master

Hello, I have a solid state drive that I am trying to use an IDE adapter to plug into a rather old machine (an NBX phone system).

I've copied the old IDE drive bit-by-bit to the SSD drive using linux dd but when I put it in the old box with the IDE <-> SATA adapter it won't recognize it.

I'm learning from these boards that perhaps the drive needs to be set to emulate IDE, but I can't tell if that's really a hard drive setting or a motherboard setting.

When I attach the SATA SSD to any of my other PC's the BIOS doesn't present any opportunity to change any settings on this drive.

Any ideas?
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  1. If the IDE adapter does not provide the function for the system to boot from it, then you simply can't boot from it.
  2. Pyree said:
    If the IDE adapter does not provide the function for the system to boot from it, then you simply can't boot from it.

    Thanks for your response. I've read elsewhere on there that with by using the adapter that the ide controller simply wouldn't know what it was connected to. But if that's the case how can I find an adapter that supports booting - looking around I don't see that any of the adapters draw the distinction between being bootable or not.

    So, is there a setting within the sata ssd itself that makes it behave like it's IDE? The drive itself is a plextor PX 128 M5S.

    Also, I do know that the IDE adapter at least works. I can plug the drive into a PC via an IDE slot and it is recognized and usable via. I just can't figure out why on this NBX 100 machine it won't "take".

    Thanks again!
  3. i would buy a PCI (or PCI-e) sata card like this:

    That'll ensure booting and performance gain as IDE is limited to 133mb/s (in theory as in real life it's more 70-80)
  4. Don't know which controller gives you the boot option. Maybe someone on the forum who owns more SATA controller card than me will know which one work. Sorry.
  5. I'm not looking for a card - the machine isn't a regular PC but rather a NBX 100 voip ( so the only slots are the ones that the blades insert into and the port for an ide cable to plug into. I have a bi-directional sata / ide adapter.

    No need to apologize - I'm just looking for help and any input is welcome, so thank you.
  6. Ok, mm... specialized equipment. I have no idea.
  7. If you're still listening (I hope so) let's see if a different approach helps out a bit here.

    I retrieved from the ol' basement hoard a compaq computer that, upon being booted up, immediately started crying and asking what year it was (has a floppy drive on it, whatever that may be).

    When I plug the Sata SSD into the primary IDE slot, BIOS doesn't see it, but when plugged into the secondary IDE slot it can.

    Does this information help?
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