Only one pci-e connector. Graphics card needs two?

I currently have a raidmax 730ss power supply and i need to power an msi 470 gtx twin frozr II graphics card. The only problem is that i only see one red pci-e connector and my graphics card needs to be powered by two. On the extension cable that came with the psu, it looks like it splits the one pci-e into two pci-e connectors. Should i plug both of these into the graphics card? There are also multiple black-colored 6-pin type connectors but they are missing the middle-bottom pin, should i use one of these? My graphics card also came with these molex to pci-e adapters but where do i plug the molex connectors into to draw the power because i dont see any molex connectors on my psu. Please respond quick, i really want to finish my build.
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    According to Newegg you have one 6 pin plug, and one 6+2 pin plug. The +2 means you can remove it and use it in a normal 6 pin slot.

    I would return the PSU however. Its junk, plain and simple. A 730W PSU with only 2 plugs? A little red voltage select switch? There is no information at all about how much power the 12V rails can provide as well. Not to mention that Raidmax is known for making junk. Return it, and buy something better. This is about the same price, but much better in quality.
  2. 24A on the 12v rails,
    I also trawled the Egg to find it, according to the listing you do have a molex-equipped line, maybe yours is absent from your pack but I was also going to say what 4745454b has, get rid, get better.
  3. 24A from both lines combined? I thought it could do 22 or 24 from one? 24A for a 730W unit is HORRIBLE. (24A * 12V = 288W) That's less then half of what it should be capable of.
  4. uhmmm, i only see one red pci-e connector. from there, the psu came with this extension thing that has two 6+2 pin connectors. so it splits of like this (PSU red pci-e)----< (two red pci-e 6+2pin connectors). Do i just plug both of these into my graphics card for now? eventually i guess ill get a new psu haha.
  5. You have a single cable with BOTH PCIe plugs on it? I wouldn't use it.
  6. then what im thinking ill do for now is use the single pci-e cable for one of the pci-e connectors on the graphics card. Then ill use the two molex to one pci-e adapter that my graphics card came with. I guess each molex will be connected to a separate 6 pin connector (black and meant for peripherals and missing the bottom-middle pin) so ill have two of these peripheral connectors going to one pci-e connector which will supply power to one of the pci-e connectors on my graphics card. soooo heres a little diagram: (IGNORE THE PERIODS)

    [PSU]>>>>>(red pci-e to graphics card)>>>>>>>>>>>>[Graphics card]
    .....\ \__(black connector to molex1)>>................................./
    ......\....................................................>>>[pci-e connector]/
    .......\__(black connector to molex2)>>
  7. Your psu is a disaster waiting to happen, realise that it is terrible and correct the mistake before its too late.
  8. Mkay, i just wanted to update you guys with what happened. SooO, in the end my msi 470 gtx twin frozr II graphics card was a dud.... I RMA'd that and bought an ASUS HD 6850 along with an Antec 1000w psu. This has fixed all of my issues and I've had a stable system for about a week now :)
    Thanks all!
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