I7-950 Build Not Booting

My first home built.

Gigabyte UD3R
HAF X case
Kingston Hyper X DDR3-1600
corsair tx-650
Radeon hd5850
Corsair F120 SSD

Just finished getting everything set up and built and turned it on. Power comes on but no display. There are some Onboard LEDs running.

1) "Phase LED for CPU loading" is red.
2) NB loading is yellow.

Any ideas on what's up? I don't believe anything is connected incorrectly but this is my first build. Not sure why the CPU load would be red (high). Any help would be welcome!
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  1. Well I got it squared away. Had to also connect a 8 pin (actually used 2 4 pins as recommended for higher end CPUs- I'll be overclocking). Working great- getting drivers updated now.
  2. Yep. Common mistake. Most modern motherboards require power to the board and the CPU. Be sure to supply power to any graphics cards that require it. Mine requires two PCIe connections. Also make sure your RAM sticks are in the correct bays if your motherboard supports dual-channel memory. Good luck. Sounds like you are on your way! Yipee! YOU BET!
  3. Was a little disappointed. I've now used both PCI-e (6+2) connectors for my 5850, and both 4 pin connectors for the MoBo. Was hoping to crossfire another 5850 in without replacing PSU but the TX-650 doesn't seem to have enough connectors. Only Molex and SATA connectors left :??:

    Up and running, drivers up to date, everything looks ok. Noticed that I left it on last night (downloading some game clients) and it shut down automatically overnight. I'll have to keep an eye on it.

    Going to get into overclocking now. I'll update once done.
  4. Cool,no offence but I was kinda hoping for a problem that I could answer...

    Anyway,good job on finding and fixing the problem.
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