My pc restarts on its own when i play game,i have the latest intel core i3 4gb r

i have latest intel core i3,4gb RAM & 500gb harddisk...............................................
it only happens when i play games.
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  1. What PSU are you using?
  2. Welcome to THG. Before we can assist you, we need to ask you some questions.

    Did you build the computer yourself or buy an OEM built machine?

    If you built it yourself, please give us a list of all components and model numbers. If you bought an OEM like Dell or HP, give us the exact model number and tell us if you added any upgrades or additions.

    Likely causes of most computers crashing under load is a heat issue, bad memory, or a failing power supply. Also driver conflicts from your video card or an overstressed video card can cause your system to crash or restart also.

    So list all your specs and the full nature of the restart. Does it show a blue screen first? Does it freeze before restarting? Or does it just restart whenever you load the CPU or GPU heavily?
  3. yes i have built my pc my self.

    i have taken intel core i3,4gb RAM of kingston,500GB harddisk(HItachi),motherboard gigabyte S-series H55M-S2.

    it freeze before restarting
  4. Sorry to keep asking you questions, but your list is still a little vague.

    What is your operating system version?

    What is the model and speed of the RAM? Kingston makes many different speeds.

    Also, what brand and model is your power supply?

    What is the brand and model of your video card and which driver version is installed?

    Reasons for a system to crash during a heavy load like gaming could point to your Power Supply being inadequate, your CPU or Graphics Card could be too hot, or you could have errors with your memory sticks. Also driver issues can cause it to crash.

    Please be very specific about your components.
  5. You most likely having a power supply issue. What power supply do you have?
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