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Buying 4GB or 8GB? Help please!

Hi, I'm having a really hard time deciding between these two sticks:
G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 4GB 1600 CL6 (Local Price: $65)

G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB 1600 CL9 (Local Price: $67)

Currently my system setup is like this:
Core i3 530 @ 3.2GHz
Asus P7H55-V
Single stick of 2Gb 1333 Kingston Value Ram timed at 7-7-7-20

What I would like to point out:
1) I will be buying only a single ram between the two choices above from a local shop because I needed it right away and they are the only best ram available in our area.

2) I know I won't go wrong with the 4gb ripjaws because of the highly respectable CL6 timings and real good feedback from reviews but I'm tempted by the 8gb one because of its capacity.

3)The 8gb ripjaws is only $2 expensive than the 4gb one here in our area so it also gives a plus for value for size. Yet, I do understand that the 4gb is way much faster.

4)Dual channel capability would be good to make most of those ram speeds but since I will be buying only a single one, that would be left out since either of the two ripjaws won't make as dual channel if paired with the old cheap 2gb ram.

5)I might as well put the new ram together with the old cheap one if I buy the 4gb ripjaws so I have a total of 6gb memory if that don't cause system or performance issues. I would like the system to have higher than 4gb ram but I am worried by the effect of being it together with the slower 2gb. I know the 4gb 1600 will downgrade automatically to match 2gb's 1333 speed but right now I'm running the 2gb at 1500 speed not 1333. I may as well set the 4gb 1600 at that
speed? Is it ok?

6)I may take out the old 2gb if I buy 8gb ripjaws since 8gb memory is real ok for me.

7)I code and run multiple applications together so this is not a gaming build.

Sorry for writing it a bit too long. I just wanted to post it in a single detailed manner to avoid confusion by many follow-up questions. Any tips, guides or advice for a better setup will be greatly appreciated especially on my #5 pointer. Thank you so much for taking time to read and please read it well to avoid confused answers. :D Thank you again.
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More about buying please
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    Get the 8gb one! the difference in timings is not noticeable.
  2. Is it ok if I mix it with the old 2gb ram? Will there be degradation of performance even if I both run them(2gb old+8gb ripjaws) in the same 1500 speed? Just trying to clarify this to know if I will be dumping the old 2gb stick or it will still become useful since it has just been used for a year. Thank you so much for your answer.
  3. I would try the 2gb but not be to worried about it and pull it out if there are problems.
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  5. Thank you so much. I will be getting the 8gb stick.
  6. IMO eBay the Kingston DDR3-1333; I'm not aware of any 'Value' set with CAS 7. In other words, don't mix: 1. Problems Mix-Matched Frequency, CAS, Density, IC's, etc. 2. It will kill Dual Channel, 3. ALL sticks will be running at DDR3-1333 and whatever LCD (worst) CAS per all sticks.

    The G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3 1600 F3-12800CL9D-8GBXL is $50. :)
  7. The Kingston was originally in 9-9-9-27? Something like that but just experimented with it to reach the CAS 7 :). And the price I posted was local price here in our area. I'm not from US either so prices are rather high here. Still, thank you for your reply.
  8. Don't mix DDR3-1600 and DDR3-1333.
  9. Go for the 8 gigs. Volume always counts when it comes to memory. I am replacing a LOT of new boards with 16gigs because all kinds of problems go AWAY! These upgrades are on a AMD 870 mother board. Beyond TV on the DVR server is much snapper.
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