Pls help me on this el cheapo build

[part 1]
I having been eying this build for a few weeks and is planning to buy it within this week, please help me take a look if there is anything i need to change:

CPU: AMD Athlon 2 X4 640

mobo: Biostar A880G+

RAM: 1x4Gb as the mobo only has 2 slots and I want to reserve the other one for possible future upgrade. OR should i just go with 2x2gb(slightly cheaper)?

Graphic: AMD 6850

PSU: CoolerMaster extreme power 550w (which I already own, but I am a little concerned if its enough for the 6850 because a guy at the computer shop told me that I need a more than 600W corsair PSU, which i doubt.)

So guys, do you think this is enough for me to play most games decently? Like Fallout new vegas. I am going for the cheapest build as I am a student, a poor one :D. Btw, I have a 1280x1024 monitor, so its not so pixel hungry.
Any comment will be greatly appreciated.

[part 2]
O, just to extend this topic a bit, I have got a rich friend who is going on the build with me, to keep things simple:
1. He is choosing between intel i5/i3 and AMD for the upcoming (diablo 3. He is not a hardcore gamer.
2. He is unsure if he needs those performance RAM.
3. He is buying a single 6850, is a corsair 650w PSU enough?

thanks thanks thanks :)
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    Where are you buying from? Better get 2x2G, the mobos have issues with some 4G sticks so unless the 4GB stick is in the "memory support list" on the motherboard manufacturer site, don't get it.

    I see that your mobo supports this RAM

    So it should work with this single stick

    The video card is kinda overkill for your resolution but you might get a bigger monitor later. The PSU is OK.

    Your friend should get the i5 and 2x2G of RAM, say
  2. Ok, thanks mosox for the reminder, so I will be sticking with 2x2gb RAM.
    Anyway, it doesnt mean that since the mobo supports a brand of 4gb RAM, i can use all the other 4gb rams? I saw the computability list before and thought that they just didnt update it to include the 4gb rams.

    And for the video card, I am not sure if its really an overkill as many reviews show that it can only get like 30 to 40 fps on games like crysis and just cause, with max settings of course. Of course, consider that its an overkill, can u recommend me a appropriate card pls? thanks

    My friend told me that he prefers a phenom X4 to intel.
  3. Cheaper good 2x2G for both

    Mobo/CPU for your friend
    HDD Samsung spinpoint F3 500 or 1T.

    If you play demanding games with AA and stuff stick with the 6850.
  4. that was fast mosox :D

    Thanks for recommending me the G skill RAM but i will be sticking with kingston ram (nothing wrong right?), because of money. The G skill RAM is 140 bucks in my country while kingston is only 80 :ouch:

    O, for the HDD, isnt WD better than Samsung in term of reliability? or at least i heard so. because this is my friends first build and he needs to prove to this dad that custom build is more or just as reliable as branded PC.
  5. Nope, the F3 is better, RAM, whatever DDR3 that's not OCZ or some other unreliable manufacturer. Kingston is OK. If you have links to shops in there you can post them and we'll find something.

    here you go man.
    not all the shops are good, and I am looking at PC Themes Technology Pte Ltd
    you can take a look at its stock if you wish.

    And, damn, really appreciate your help :D
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  8. Here's some parts:

    BIOSTAR A880G + Athlon II 445 - 181
    MSI 770G45 + Athlon II 445 - 227

    GIGABYTE 880GA-UD3H + Phenom II 955 - 351

    G.SKILL RIPJAWS (4GB) (CL9) 2GBX02PCS - 123

    The thing is I think this RAM "KINGSTON DDR3 4G - 89" I think it may be only one stick not 2X2G and not all the 4G sticks work on all the mobos so to be sure buy two 2GB for 38 each or ask them.

    SAPPHIRE HD6850 - 273

    SAMSUNG 1TB 7200RPM (F3) - 70
    SEAGATE 500GB 16MB (,12) 3YRS - 52


    ANTEC NEO ECO 520W PSU - 102
    ANTEC NEO ECO 620W PSU - 119
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