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I just got my computer back from the local shop for repair they put a new power supply in it and it works fine but it is slow but thats not the main problem this is the main problem, my computer shuts it self of whever i am scanning for viruses and sometimes just doing random things on it, it shuts down really quickly it goes straight to a blue screen with white writing and straight away its of then it turns back on how to fix this problem?
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  1. We need the stop code in the blue screen and for you to be able to see it you need to disable the auto restart.

    Right click on “My Computer” and go to Properties/Advanced” tab and under “Startup and Recovery/Settings” untick the “Automatically Restart” box and press OK.

    Write down the stop code, it looks like this
  2. what do i do know to get the code?
  3. Do what I said and then next time when you get the blue screen, it will stay on the screen instead of rebooting right away. Write on a paper the stop code (it starts with a 0x000000...) and post it in here.
  4. thanks do you know any way to get this blue screen to come up
  5. If you don't get blue screens anymore it's good. When you'll get another one come back with the stop code. Whet are your computer specifications?
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