HD5770 on a intel DP35DP board

Hey, i dont know if this is more of a motherboard question or a GPU question. I just got my Gigabyte HD5770 (GV-R577SO-1GD i think is the product number) and ive had my intel DP35DP motherboard for years now with a COOLER MASTER Real Power Pro 650w. I guess i didnt read up enough on this because ive been looking at my board and apparently intel feels that the 6-pin connector isnt needed, because i dont see it on my board anywhere. Now the graphics card manual said if i dont connect the power connect it may not work (or something along those lines). Question is, Did intel have some special technology on this board so that i dont need that connector or am i S.O.L and have to either get a new graphics card or a new motherboard?
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  1. fml, i hate being grandfather to new technology :( ok thanks, now i get to bow my head in shame
  2. ok new question on the 6 pin connector, at the end 4pin end theres 3 wires it going [(Y)(B)(R)(E)] <-- thats my diagram of the connector haha anyway thats yellow black red empty and on my power supply connector it goes [(Y)(B)(B)(R)], my question is should i move the red wire on the 6 pin connector to the end spot so the colors match up or just leave it
  3. oh wow i must be out of it ya ive been grabbing that connector and moving it aside while i try to jam peripheral connectors into that connector that came with the graphics card haha thanks for all your help ill connect the 6 pin that came with teh power supply and boot 'er up
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