MSI 790FX-GD70 ''FF'' error on display

Hello guys,

I own a 2 year old pc: cpu phenom II X4 with VENOM cooler, 2 x ATI 4890 graphics, 4 x 2GB Geil RAM, MSI 790FX-GD90 motherboard

It has been working fine untill yesterday when i realised that i had not applied thermal paste properly in the past resulting in air bubbles and my cpu overheating. So i opened it and cleaned cpu with alcohol and applied thermal paste (artic silver mx3) properly without using too much (a pea size was enough).

When i assembled it back together i assured that all power cables were connected (and all other cables hard disks usb etc).

But when i try to boot i get 3 red light on my graphics card and led display on motherboard says 'FF'. I know that red lights mean no power goes to graphics card and FF means that cpu is not initialising. (the pc cannot move on from cpu initialization stage therefore it cannot go on and give power to the graphics cards)

I have tried everything, booting with only 1 slot of ram, 2 slots, no ram at all, tried removing the motherboard battery, tried resetting bios or CMOS button on my motherboard but nothing happens. I have even taken out the motherboard from the case and then put it back just to make sure it sits properly in the case.

I am suspecting that this problem is caused by some sort of power issue with the cpu or it could be a motherboard problem. But when i was cleaning it there were no bent pins on cpu and i dont see how the VENOM cooler could affect the system in any way since i have installed it a year ago and it was working fine.

Is there a chance that this is caused by some sort of circuit shortage? If that is the case how can i trace it? Or is there a chance that the new thermal paste is causing this (even though it did not put too much)?

Please help i am getting desperate! :P thnx.
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  1. Hey guys i resolved the problem! i think the cpu wasnt situated properly (feeling very stupid as it was a very rookie mistake!)

    thnx everyone for your help!
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