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Hey Guys,

I have recently bought an Eyefinity 6 5870, and my current monitor does not have a DVI I port, so I went to Maplin (I am in the UK) and bought a DVI I cable and adapter to use and convert the signal, I thought there would be no problem, however upon connecting the cable to the mini display adaptor and connecting the DVI I adapter to the other end of the cable for VGA, there is no signal being recieved?!

I can't understand whats wrong, I was running a 9800GX2 and all was fine, I have had to borrow a little Eizo 17" TFT with a DVI connection and although now it works fine it can only provide a max res of 1024 x 768 LOL!!!! So I was curious as to whether it's my own monitor does not like the signal, or there is a discrepancy in the signal it's recieving somewhere? And would buying a straightforward DVI I to vga cable solve my problem?

Many thanks!!!!!
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  1. You know they sell Mini display port adapters that convert displayport to VGA right?

    I think it's because you're converting the signal twice that might be messing it up, unless someone can tell me otherwise.

    Why did you spend the money on an eyefinity 6, only to have it run one monitor? You know that's a huge waste right?
  2. I inted to eventually set up more monitors in future LOL!!!

    And if I go and buy a Mini display port adapters, this will work? Only where I bought the original cable and adapter from they sell them, only I don't want to waste anymore money on trying to solve my display problem!!!

  3. I can't guarantee that, but I've never heard of someone converting the video display signal twice across one wire.
  4. Thanks for your advice though, I have learn't a lot since asking you guys questions this forum is fantastic!!!, Looks like I am going to buy one tomorrow!!!!

    I hope this solves my problem, as 1024 x 768 does not cut it LOL!!!!
  5. Just out of curiosity, woul one sold by Apple work? Or if you were me, would you steer clear? Would there be a confliction?

  6. Chaining converters is often a pain. In your situation, you might need one of those "Active" adapters from DP to VGA. Not quite sure what the difference is between active and passive, but displayports are a pain to work with :(
  7. Active takes power to run, passive does not.

    An example of a passive converter that most people can relate to would be a DVI-VGA adapter, it's just a metal piece of hardware.
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