BIOS not detecting hard drive

Motherboard: Asrock P67 Extreme 4
Hard Drive: Western Digital 1TB Caviar Black

I built this PC in my home, when I started it up for the first time everything goes as it should. In the BIOS storage options, it shows my DVD drive there which I have connected to SATA3_1. My Hard drive is connected to SATA3_0, but is listed as "Not Detected."

The Hard Drive is out of the box, nothing is on it.

I double checked the connection to the ports and the hard drive to make sure it's snug.

This is my first build so I don't have much experience, and I'm not sure how to resolve this.
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  1. Check the sata power supply connector for being loose, or try a different sata connector. I'm talking about the wider connector, not the red sata cable next to it. Also see if western digital has some free software you can download to prep and format the new drive. I use maxblast 5.0, which works with maxtor and seagate drives.
  2. Hello... I'm not experienced with Sata3 yet... But the options I would try would be plugging it into any other Sata connector on your motherboard for any identification to your BIOS... or into a known good connector, Sata 1, such as the DVD one that is working now... also try the cable/power connector from the known working DVD drive into your harddrive...
    Also there are jumpers on Sata harddrives to force Sata 1,2,or 3 communications... check your harddrive connections/jumper pins info... and try different combos...
    Also you do not have to have your BOOT drive in the Sata 0 plug to determine boot order... that can be set up in a seperate place in your BIOS... in other words you can plug it in any where to get communications...
    Also you do not need any software loaded to get communication to your BIOS... it doesn't care... just looks for hardware/firmware...
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