Z68 vs P67

Alright trying to further my knowledge of these two types of Mobos for this poll I am going to compare:

ASRock Z68 Extreme4 ATX Intel Motherboard - $184.99
ASRock P67 EXTREME6 (B3) ATX Intel Motherboard - $174.99

Which one would you choose and why? What makes one better then the other?

Newegg.com comparison chart:
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  1. $10 more and you get SRT and quick sync.
  2. SRT? Quick Sync? not following

    I know the P67 has more USB 3.0s, when it comes to RAID I know nothing about if thats what your talking about
  3. Z68 let you to use an SSD (up to 64GB) as a cache with a HDD.

    Gives you fast boot time and program load as well as the storage you need.

    Quick sync is good for fast transcoding of video.

    Just my opinion. I found these feature useful.

    If you don't need them, then it doesn't matter and the P67 can save you $10.
  4. An SSD would work on the P67 as well, is this some little extra perk on the z68 to make it go a little faster?
  5. No, you can combined an SSD with a HDD with SRT in a z68 mobo to create a drive with SSD cache what gives you the OS and program cached in the SSD for fast boot and program load, but also the storage because there is a HDD.
  6. The chipset automatically makes the drive a cache drive, so frequently used files load faster. What is stored is all automatic. If you use an SSD with P67, you have to manually install stuff to the SSD.
  7. Crap this one is difficult, the P67 has more USB 3.0 ports which is what I like since I have a lot of external HDDs. If I'm getting this correctly its beneficial for people that are getting SSD's to grab the Z68.
  8. You have to set up SRT, it's a useless feature imo, a 60gb+ ssd is better without it as a boot drive. It's for budget clients with 20-30gb ssds.
  9. Well, usb 3.0 can be added with pcie card later. SRT and quick sync, you cannot. And there is nothing to bound you to use SRT if you decide to get a large SSD and just want to use that.

    It's just me. If it is only $10, I will get the one with more feature even if I am not sure if I will use them or not in the future.
  10. Alright well most hardcore gamers will go with something more than a 64gb SSD
  11. Yeah. I think there isn't a clear performance winner between these 2 mobo.

    It is going to be a decision of what feature the user wants and it will be different with everyone.

    You will be fine with either one for gaming and use large SSD. Take you pick.
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