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i just purchased a nvidia gtx 460 and it only came with one 6 pin connector. I think that is what its called? Anyways It has 2 slots if I wanted to have two of them.

So I plug in the one that came in the box to the back of the video card and plug it into my computer and connect the two cords(dont know what they are called) and turn on the PC and the monitor wont turn on. I took it out and used the same wires to connect my old video card and it worked fine. So im wondering why this thing wont work? Should I try installing the drivers first? Do i need a new power supply?
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  1. i have a second adapter from my other video card. and i only have one free molex connector in my computer.

    tigerpro LC8400BTX 400 watt is what the PSU is i think.
  2. ct1615 said:
    you need to upgrade your PSU

    do you live in the USA? Do you have a budget for the upgrade?

    ^ +1

    That is not enough power supply for a GTX460. Even high end power supplies are cutting it close with 400 watts. Look for Corsair, Seasonic, Antec, PC Power and Cooling or XFX and you would be better off with 450 watts or more. Realistically a good quality 550w unit can run any single graphics card made so if you plan on updating in the future you might want to consider that.
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