SC2 & XFX 5850 performance.

Hi, I was just wondering if it's normal for SC2 to dip to 38-50 fps 1v1 fights. 50+ fps is lucky during a sizable battle during the mid game of a sc2 match. It's annoying that as soon as I engage in a sizable battle my fps dip under 50. My friends 460GTX stays at a constant 50ish-70 fps (never below 50) during the same hectic battles. I've checked both replays on different computers and I am greatly disappointed how crappy my game and fps looks in comparison.

I got this card:

My computer specs are 955be, 4gb ram, 550w psu.
1920x1080 ultra settings.

I wish my SC2 runs like this:
It is a lot easier on the eyes and easier to micro during fights when everything runs like BUTTER during huge fights. I'm thinking of OCing now or switching over to nvidia (along with intel =p).
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  1. Dang. Why is ati so bad? Bad drivers?Craigslist it goes.
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