2nd opinion on GPU/Mobo/CPU combo

I asked the motherboard community, but I got someone who came off as extremely arrogant and didn't understand what I was asking.

I am looking to build a new rig, an x58 system with a Core i7 and a GTX 470. The CPU I want is a 950, the GPU will probably come from EVGA, but the motherboard I'm having trouble locking down on which one to get. My question is, for $250 and under, what's the best mobo I should buy that will utilize my 470 and 950 i7 well? Also note, I'll probably go for SLi in the near future after it's built, watercooling may be on the table too.

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  1. LOL that's actually the exact one I picked out originally for my future build. Too funny!

    At least I trust your opinion.

    And I'm not new here!!! :P Well, at least new since March.
  2. Gigabyte's UD3R is another very well reviewed x58 board. I personally don't like the color scheme but if I had a blue case....

    Edit: Ok, this may make me sound like an idiot but why is this hyperlink thing not working right?
  3. Idk, I just post links and the site shortens them automatically.
  4. I really am not trying to be arrogant but why on earth do you ask complete strangers how to spend your money? I think you pretty much know what you want - you are more informed than many who ask "I need help picking something".

    Do you just need a stranger to say it sounds reasonable to pull the trigger?

    The reason I ask is if you look at the benchmarks Toms has done on X55 and X58 motherboards, there is maybe 1fps difference between all of them. Buy the one you like or buy the cheapest one you can but it just doesnt make much difference...
  5. You're right in that I'm more informed than the traditional person, however motherboards are not my strong point. I know some things, but definitely not as much as some of the pros on here.

    I've come to recognize some of the people on here as very friendly and trustworthy, hardly a "strangers" recommendation. The phrase "Two heads are better than one" completely applies. If I have a gut feeling, but multiple people confirm it here, then I can be 100% confident in my choice. Please understand that I would hate to spend a couple hundred dollars on a piece of hardware, only to be told after the fact that it was a garbage choice! : )

    You're right that in pure FPS, a motherboard choice might not necessarily make a huge difference. However, in terms of overclocking, customization, features, overall quality, and future expansion/upgrading, there is quite a separation amongst the motherboards available, from the mid to high end especially. This is why I asked here.
  6. Anywho, I trust CT's opinion. Best answer goes to him, mousemonkey, please feel free to lock.

  7. Best answer selected by borisof007.
  8. No problem bud, lockage in 3... 2... 1
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