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Hey guys I'm looking at building my own pc on black Friday for the sales and I have all my parts picked out, but I don't know what kind of gpu to get to play wow on medium settings and get 30+ fps in a 25 man raid....I can't stand the lag! But I was looking at ATI for the better prices and thanks in advance for any and all your suggestions =)
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  1. whats your budget?
  2. I'm lookin at no more than 200 dollars for graphics but again, i just want to play medium settings and not ultra
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    I'm kinda partial but the NVIDIA GTS 450 and GTX 460 are both great dx11 cards

    EVGA GeForce GTX 460 $154.99 (after rebate) 400 Series Family&sw=
    EVGA GeForce GTS 450 $99.99 (after rebate) 400 Series Family&sw=
  4. I think I'll get the 450, and that seems like it will kick WoWs ass lol. Do you know of an ATI card that's equivalent to the 450? Or will the 450 just be better than the same price range ATI card?
  5. from what ive seen its the best in its price range
  6. Alright Awesome man, thanks for your help
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