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Hi all, I have recently got a free new Lian Li case, and was going to move everything into new case and finally jump from XPpro to Win7(ultimate 64bit), and figured I would look at possible hardware upgrades while I was in there, with black friday and cyber monday etc ..current build

CPU =Q6600
MB =XFX 680i LT
RAM =Corsair twinX 800 (1GB x4 sticks)
GPU =XFX 8800GTS Alpha Dog editions x2 in SLI
PSU =CoolerMaster 750w
HD =Seagate 250 GB /7200.10

havent done much OC with it, when I played with OC, the ram wouldnt take much more than stock, build is 3 yrs old now , has been rock solid, but since I am going to Win7 and new case, figured I might up the MB, but with new stuff like SB coming around the corner, not sure if I should wait, or if there was good hardware upgrade I could do now..dont mind spending a few extra bucks IF it's gonna be worth it ..and after reading the article on how PhysX dont play nice with others, was thinking of just bumping to a 790i, but if I could a decent i7 MB RAM combo, might do that as well, just looking for some advice and possibilities here..current build runs everything just fine, even CoD BO is getting 90-100 FPS, although STO seems only give about 50 FPS , was doing STO at about 80 FPS when first installed; what do you folks think I should for hardware upgrades? thanks again for any input
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    Stick with what you have for now. It should do you just fine for a while longer as you noted with good FPS when gaming. IMHO you have an 775 system almost "maxed out" in regards to "bang-for-the-buck". 4GB memory... check! Quad core... check! Video cards... check! Consider upgrading the things you can carry forward with a new build down the road when switching platforms (LGA1366 or SB / LGA1155). An SSD boot drive or newer video card(s) would pay off now and later... Overall you are in good shape!
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