Flash 9800gx2 to...???

My video card has been giving me problems ... When I enter a 3d application or sometimes when I start windows, the monitor goes stand by ...
I tried changing the bios to the previous version and back to the newest. I tried everything, temperatures, drivers, etc ... Nothing works.

Maybe change the bios to another video card, a 8800gts maybe? I do not mind being with a single gpu.
What can i use?

512mb each gpu
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  1. Maybe the card just died, the 9800GX2 isnt the mst long-living card.
    With BFG you wont get much of a RMA either.

    Its probably time for a new card, but have you tried disabling SLI?
  2. Yes, but in short time happend the same...
    I disconnect it for 3 days and when I plug it back it works! but for 3 days and then it comes back the same problem...

    So i think flash it to another single card may work
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