External power supply for hp ultra slim dc7700p

Hi every1,

I have a HP dc7700p ultra slim pc and trying to upgrade the power supply, i have surched all internet and no luck with a box that would fit my pc so i have decided to get an external 500 to 600 Watts power supply. The question is would it be safe???
I wold be greatfull if some1 can help please.

Thank you
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  1. Hello, and welcome to THG.

    Yes, it may. Make sure the new external has the same specs as your old PSU.
  2. Why do you need that much power? If you're planning to upgrade the graphics card, you will need a new case. The case on that is very small, and really won't handle a good graphics card.
  3. Hi thx for your replys, the case is fine and the pc i like it its small but surprisinglly fast, it has got pcie x16 slot and a low profile graphics card is good.
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