Upgrading 8400gs,Budget 130$

:hello: MY configs are as follows:AMD ATHLON II X2 240 @3.0 GHz
1.25 GB DDR2 800 RAM
ASUS EN8400GS 512MB :sweat:

I want to buy a graphics card,that is under 130$.I like nvidia.
I want to use it for CRYSIS,JUSTCAUSE 2,CS5
main GAMING it is.
I am thinking of GTX 460.

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  1. do you use newegg? if so then check this gtx 460 768mb out. Fermi for $130 after MiR!
  2. Get more RAM first, 1.25GB is barely enough for smooth desktop usage. You would want at least 2GB.

    A GTX460 will be massively held back by your system as is, in fact perhaps even a 5770.
  3. Get atleast 3GB RAM for decent gaming and buy a HD 5750
  4. I have 1 gb and 256mb ddr2 800 ram.there are no extra slots so i have to ditch these ram to buy a new one and also my rig is weak isn't it?
    it's not good for i'm going to buy a new rig maybe this year or next

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks for all your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    thanks bro.

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