Antec 900, need a newer case with better wire management.

Like the title says. i currently have an antec 900. I have had this case for 2 years. I LOVE IT. I have built 3 systems for friends/family with this case and at least half a dozen friends have bought this case from my recommendation. Best case ever for cooling, it looks great to. However. the wire management sucks in this case. I have seen mods people did by using a dremmel or tin snips and cut some holes in the motherboard plate near the top to route wires through. i don't want to do that. I know there are antec models based on this same design that are newer. are any of them better with the wire issues? can anyone suggest a case as good as this that has good wire management?

i have seen the antec 900 2 v3
the antec 1200
the lanboy


none of the pictures show the inside of the case though.
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  1. As a replacement, the Cooler Master HAF 922 is the best choice / upgrade.

    The newer Antec cases have better cable management but they still fall short with the room behind the motherboard like the HAF 922.
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    I have a 902 and the cable management is good, better if you have a modular psu.
    I also have a CM690II and the cable management is even better,only problem is the build quality isn't as good as an Antec.
    Too much plastic and thinner side panels.
    My 902 has 3 more fans and runs much quieter.
    Obviously there's a difference in price but you get what you pay for.
    Both units have excellent filtered airflow and don't look like a college art project.
    I think you know half of what i'm referring too.
    The new 902 is a no-brainer if you liked your 900.
    Some upgrades like a 2.5" ssd tray and usb3 are nice for a modern set-up.
    And finally a cpu-cut-out.
  3. For full towers, the DF-85 is the best case I have ever built with for ease of assembly, overall design, ruggedability and cable management. The HAF-X comes in a close 2nd. The are both significant step up from the 1200 and 932.

    In mid towers, I like the DF-35 and HAF-922 tho the latter getting a bit long in the tooth.
  4. looks like 902 is the way to go. i like the looks of the 900 better ( the top of the case ) but its worth the trade.
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  6. followup question, obviously the 902 was put out as an answer to the problems that were found with the 900. does the 1200 ( full tower ) have as good as cable management as the 900 or the 902? as well what are the benefits of the 1200 vs the 902 other than just the size?
  7. Antec 1200 V3 is the like the 902 version of 900. It is updated to address cable management & other concerns. The Antec DF-85 is the updated/better version of the Antec 1200 cases (if you can handle the looks).
  8. it looks crazy, i like the 900-1200 series ALOT better.
  9. If you want a really nice case, I would look at either the Corsair 650D or Silverstone RV02 but you are looking at $50 more (depending on case).
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