SONY VAIO-AW390 (loaded) overheating

Hi everyone,

Around 2 years ago, I purchased a Sony Vaio AW390 (6GB RAM) which btw costed me around $2,900. Naturally and for that price, I expected a stellar performance on my laptop. Unfortunately, today, the CPU overheats so much that after I use the laptop extensively (especially in gaming mode), the graphics start to freeze up/glitch, the whole cpu speed becomes reduced to half of what it used to be and on very rare occasions the laptop restarts by itself.

I attempted to clean the fan without opening the laptop with one of those AC power blowers and things slightly improved for a while only; a few weeks later, the same symptoms re-appeared and it's really getting to be a frustrating thing, especially for the price I paid.

I purchased one of those cooling docking platforms that you connect via USB to your laptop and again it helped a bit but not the speed I am looking for.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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  1. Hello Alan, and welcome to THG.

    Sounds like your CPU cooler is dying. Have Sony, do a repair, or go to a local tech shop and have them repair it and give you a new cooler for the laptop CPU.
  2. Hi Dogman,

    Thank you very much for your prompt reply; will definitely do that as the laptop has become unbearable; I am actually considering switching back to Apple's new macbook pro which used to give me no problems at all no matter how much I used it (day and night). Will visit Sony repair shop nevertheless.

    Thks again :-)

    Best Rgrds,

  3. Sure.

    BTW, just because it is not a Apple product, does not mean it is not bad. You just had a hiccup in the cooling. This is normal with all mechanical devices, even the Solid State ones.
  4. Yes I totally agree.
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