5770 crossfire stuttering problem

I've had my rig for a few months now with just one sapphire 5770 in it and just today i put in another identical 5770. Recognized everything fine, but wouldn't let me change any settings in CCC, it would work for like 30 seconds and then the temps would she 0 and the fan would go back down to like 30%. So ive been using msi afterburner to monitor my temps and speeds and stuff and i cannot figure out whats going on with the setup. Anyway, in crysis i saw like a 10 frame boost (which is awesome), but now theres this annoying stutter like every 2 seconds that makes it unplayable. Its not v-sync, i know that for sure. In cod4 theres only a tiny amount of stutter and in bfbc2 theres a little, but in those two games its still playable. i tried reinstaller drivers and such but nothings changed. any ideas?
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  1. ya, just like a little hiccup. and theres no fix for it?
  2. oh btw, had no stuttering at all with just one 5770
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