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Hangs during install/uninstall ATI Catalyst Driver

I've just recently downloaded the new asus ATI driver & tried to uninstall the old driver, my pc just freeze during the process hangs at the "List all component". Even trying to install directly won't work. Repair doesn't help at all. I have to hard reset my pc in order to run it back as usual. Is it a driver issue or my windows got problem?
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  1. What is your card?
    What is your PSU? brand? model?
  2. try uninstalling under safe mode.

    you can try downloading the official amd drivers @ run the executable and choose the express uninstall option.
  3. Use Driversweeper?
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    when i had that issue it was a windows problem. though i finally managed to get the drivers installed. (some driver versions worked, some did not) the only solution i could find is to reinstall the OS.

    i tried uninstalling the drivers in safe mode but i dont believe windows allows it, also yes driver sweeper works but then the problem i had is i wasnt able to install the new drivers, so basically for a bit i was stuck with no graphics card drivers.

    as long as everything is functioning properly i wouldnt even bother with the new drivers, but then again you may not have the exact same problem as i did so it may work, it may not. but its a risk
  5. My graphic card is Asus EAH 5970, PSU using Cooler master 1000W
  6. I have tried uninstalling in safe mode but still hangs either getting the drivers from asus or amd website.
  7. Still on warranty? You can RMA your card to get a replacement, i guess your card is DOA...
  8. You could be right, my card is still under warranty so I should try RMA it. But I need to double confirm first coz it could be my windows since there's a lot of registry issues due to install/uninstall some demo programs. Could it be a registry causing it?
  9. Normally when it hangs it a software issue, not the GPU itself. I say forget about safe mode, remove the driver from the control panel, then run driver-sweeper in WINDOWS and remove the mess of piled drivers. Re-install a fresh driver, done.
  10. I had this same problem.But repeated uninstalling and reinstalling helped me get through.
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  12. Ok, it turns out to be my windows got problem from the beginning. After I reformatted my windows and install just the graphic driver and tried to uninstall it, it works. I even tried to install it back with no issues. Thanks guys for your help. I learn my lesson by not messing with the registry.
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