Upgrading to i7

My processor is currently a AMD Phenom X4 9500
My motherboard is currently...
Manufacturer: ECS
Model: Nettle3 2.1
Chipset/Southbridge: Nvidia MCP61
Graphics Card: Radeon HD 5770

I was hoping to find out if I can upgrade my CPU to an i7, b ut I can't find out if things are compatible or not, such as my motherboard.
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  1. Hello, and welcome to THG.

    Your motherboard is not compatible with the i7 CPU's.
    Here are the things compatible:

    5770 GPU.

    That is about it. What i7 are you wanting to upgrade to?
  2. Ah, crap..i really want to upgrade my PC. I felt like my Graphics Card and Memory where sufficient - but I was trying to find a good Processor upgrade. The reason I wanted an i7, was because it was the one recommended by friends for gaming.

    We kinda set our goal as playing Dragons Age: Origins - Awakening as our benchmark.
  3. are you willing to switch pout a couple of components. To the extent of almost 1000 USD?*

    *NOTE: This is an estimate. i may be able to do it around 600 USD,
  4. 600 is more reasonable, but I think I'd have to get a tech to tell me how to switch them. Even adding the 8 GB of RAM was hard for me - and even switching out the Graphics card for the current RADEON 5770 was hard for me. So I'm not sure, how literate would I need to be, and if it's possible for a novice, I would do it with little hesitation.
  5. The motherboard is an OEM motherboard. In fact, here's the specs on it:

    The biggest problem with OEM motherboards is the BIOS is so locked, that it's hard to upgrade them. The CPU's listed on the page are hard to find these days. Might be better off in the long run building a new system instead of trying to upgrade an OEM system.
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  7. just take the extra components,( like your HDD, drives and GPU), and add them to your new unit.

    Oh, don't forget this:
  8. Case:





    Total: 779.91 USD w/o SH/H&Tx

    A few questions -

    1) The case, is it better to upgrade to that one? It looks disturbingly similar to what I currently have, even if what I have right now is a little... ratty.
    2) What components do I need to pull out of my old PC to do this with what you listed? Is it better to get the PSU as well as an upgrade?
    3) RAM-wise, I am not sure if my current memory is good or not. Is there a good way to check if it would transfer, or is it highly recommended to switch that over, too?
  9. Here is what I would recommend you switch over, ( add), from your current computer:

    Cd/DVD Drive
    Hard Drive
    GPU ( the 5770)

    I recommended the new RAM because i was not sure how old your RAM was, and what the specs were. I also recommended the new PSU and case due to size and power performance for the new unit you *may be building.
  10. 8nods excitedly* Where in the information would I pick that up? It's newer memory - recently upgraded, but I can't remember the exact specifications. When I run CPU-Z; I get-

    Type- DDR2
    Channels#: Dual
    Size: 8192 MBytes
    DC Mode: Ganged
    NB Freqences: 1808.3 MHz

    Under Speed, I'm getting that my Memory Slot Selection is...
    Module Size: 2048 Mbytes
    Manufacturer: Kingston

    I have a DXDiago on file, not sure if that helps.
  11. Nope, this helps.

    Considering it is DDR2, I would venture to guess you will need DDR3. The RAM I gave you will do great.
  12. *Nods* Sounds good... bit painful, but I think I can adjust my prices accordingly to handle the price. :) Do you think I need to get assistance in putting them in the new model, or do you think I will be fine following instructions manuals? i know currently how to add Memory (zoot!) and graphics cards (Somewhat zoot?), but it is still a whole other beastwhat you've shown here. :O
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  14. I'm looking at the E-mail add, and I was hoping to hear from you what you think is better -

    Processor A Alternative (Price with Promotion: 274.99)

    Processor B:


    Looks like #N82E16817139005 has a discount in the adds, will use that to apply it down a bit further.

    I think that's all I could find comprable. Any thoughts on the two i7's?
  15. If you think the cheaper one is better ,go for it. They are the same, just higher clock cycles.
  16. I don't really understand the concept of the clock cycle - is it something important?
  17. st how fast the CPU processes information and gets it out to the computer. If the CPU difference is about .1-.4 GHz difference, not much different. If it is about .5-1.0 GHz different, well then... :D Go for the higher one.
  18. Sounds good (Sorry, I am a big bargain hunter, so I often shop around as much as possible - and this E-mail that Newegg has is amazing O.O)

    Last thing, then I will call it -

    One is higher GB / lower price, but is 2-piece unit, is this good or bad compared to your 3-part unit for the lower GB?

    and, this is vanial, shiny or not shiny? o.o shiny is cheeper, but can't tell if there are any composition differences, doesn't look like it.
  19. Second on both.

    The Bleu one has Triple Channel

    the 300, ( not the blue one) is good enough.
  20. EDIT:: STrange, I must've glitched...

    Also: Thank you, I will go with what you adviced. :D Thanks again for all your help! You've been a real godsend in something I just... don't understand, lol.
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