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Suggest PSU for Radeon HD 2900

Hello All! I've been looking EVERYWHERE for a 550w - 600w PSU that will support a Sata ATX 20/4 Pin System Board and the ATI Radeon HD 2900 Graphics Card.

I've seen several PSU that state PCI-E Ready and have a 6 Pin Connector for a PCI-E Card but the 2900 says it needs One 2x3pin + One 2x4pin Connector. I looked at the list provided by ATI of certified PSU's but there all $100.00+. I'm looking for a PSU that will work and is a bit or quiet a-bit cheaper... Any Suggestions will be very very appreciated.
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  1. You just need one with a PCIe 8 pin plug. Frankly I'd dump the 2900 and buy a new GPU. Even the 8800GT is as fast as your card if not faster and takes nearly 1/3rd less power. A cheap 5750 would be much faster then what you have. I'm not sure what PSUs have the 8 pin plug. Actually, I think the 2900 will run on two 6 pin plugs. By not using the 8 pin you wont' be able to OC via CCC.
  2. I just recently purchased the 2900, which is a lot better than my 4350. I have to fully OC the 4350 to barely play FFXIV. My computer only has a 250w PSU in at atm hence why I need a 550w PSU.

    Why would a 8 pin plug work unless 2x4pin = two rows of 4. Anyways it does stat that I need either Two 2x3 Pin or One 2x3 & One 2x4 to use the card. I don't physically have to card in front of me yet.b Just ordered it only last night.
  3. For how much? If possible, cancel the order. The 2900 is junk at this point, really not worth buying.

    Anyways it does stat that I need either Two 2x3 Pin

    Thats what I wrote. It will work, but you won't be able to OC using CCC. Any other overclocking tool will work. Why would an 8ppin plug work? Because it fits in the slot. Cancel the order for the 2900 and buy something better.
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    trash that card and move on up to much more current...

    Bad advice if he/she has already have purchased it and has it in person. See if you can return it but if not then go ahead and purchase a decent psu as they are handy any way. The Antec EA650 has a single 6 pin and a 8pin. The down side to using this card is power consumption which is roughly 160-180w with a max VRM spec of 215w. Second is clocks as they do not overclock very well but moving from a tiny 4350 it will be a huge improvement but compared to modern cards it is dated at best. It is ATI's only 512bit native card and is a worthy to have in any serious collection as it is ATI's only mega chip. The over all performance is about that of a 3870/8800gs and at times GT speeds which is slightly faster (1-3%) than a 4670 depending on the game being played. If the game is texture and memory heavy this card will win out but that is as far as it goes. So if you are now stuck with it sell it as there is plenty of collectors who want this card and other who still want one for crossfire.

    You should have bought a cheap G92 or a cheap 5k series card.
  5. He said he ordered last night and didn't have card in hand. I would seriously try to return assuming he ordered from a store.
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