Maxing out race driver GRID?

What type of computer does it take to max out the PC version of race driver GRID?

I've got a Core i7 930, 6GB of RAM, and an ATI HD 5970. Is that sufficient?

I heard the HD 5970 can max out just about any game with the exception of Crysis and Metro 2033. It also struggles to run other games on 2560x1600 resolution, as does any graphics card.
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  1. yeah, that PC is way more than needed to max out that game. I'm surprised that you would have such a powerful rig without knowing its capabilities.
  2. That's more than sufficient. In fact, that's overkill. I pretty much maxed out GRID at 1680x1050 with an Athlon 5000 @ 3.1GHz and two 3850s in CF. GRID is a great game. I'm sure you'll be happy.
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