What PSU should I get for SLI 560's.

Im going to have...

-cpu 2500k or 2600k

-8gb ram

-p67 pro

-MSI 560 Gtx But I plan on getting another one later for sli

I want to know what a good Power supply that I should get that wouldent have any problems and would last for years down the road. I was thinking 850w +?
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  1. Hey man it's your money but a high quality 750-850W would be enough.
    The current trend in the pc market is components using less power not more.
    Clearly evident in the new gpu's and the current cpu's.
  2. I would say you only need a 850W PSU, not a 1000W. I would suggest the Corsair TX-850, or the HX-850 if you don't mind spending a little more on something modular.

  3. I'd start with one on nVidia's certified approved listings:


    Among those on the list:

    Antec TP-650
    Antec EA-750
    Antec CP-850
    Corsair TX750
    Corsair HX750
    Corsair TX850
    Corsair HX850
    XFX 650 XXX
    XFX 750 Black

    Of the above, I'd have to recommend the XFX Black 750 as it's a 10.0 performance rated PSU on jonnyguru and it's only $90, same price as the lower rated TP and TX series. To match its performance, you'd need a HX ($130) or CP ($120) series
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