How to find the better ATI grpahic cards as per its number

how to compare two graphic cards of ATI mobility radeon as per their serial number.. explain me with three samples as 5470,5650,5730.. what should i look for to know that the graphic card is capable of handling high end games like cod mw2 and higher
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  1. Check this website. It may have the information i need.

    The normal approach is higher the number the better the card.
  2. To break it apart more, the first number is the series. 6 is newer then 5, which is newer then 4, etc. The second number denotes is "power". 7 or 8 or 9 are the power cards, while 4 or 5 or 6 is the midrange. 2 and 3s are the low end cards. Finally the last two numbers are considered together and denote where they sit in each of the power segments.

    I mention all this because a 5450 is a higher number then 4870. The 5 denotes its a new card then the 4, but the 8 says its a performance part compared to the more mainstream/lowend 4 card. A 5450 is weaker then a 5470, while a 4870 would be faster then a 4850.
  3. Maybe going with the name "ATI GURU" is not really appropriate.

    Laptop video cards are generally less powerful than their desktop counterparts. Let's assume roughly 15% - 20 %performance difference between both versions of the same card (like the Mobility HD 5850 vs. "desktop" HD 5850).

    The first number denotes the generation, HD 4xxx, HD 5xxx, HD 6xxx. Each generation generally has more features and are more powerful than the previous generation overall.

    The second number represents performance class in that particular generation, HD x4xx, HD x5xx, HD x6xxx, HD x7xx, etc. The higher the number the more powerful the card will be. Therefore, you can the following (people will have different opinions as well):

    HD 54xx = multimedia card
    HD 55xx = entry level / value gaming
    HD 56xx = mainstream
    HD 57xx = higher end mainstream

    The last two numbers lets you know the difference between multiple cards in the same performance class. The larger the last two numbers, the better the performance. Therefore, the HD 5870 is faster than the HD 5850 and both are faster than the HD 5770.

    Performance differences between generations (like HD 4xxx vs. the HD 5xxx series) varies. Sometime it will be a minor improvement, sometime it will be a major improvement. Going from HD 4xxx to HD 5xxx was a huge performance increase. Going from the HD 5xxx to HD 6xxx is expected to be a rather minor or moderate increase in overall performance.

    How can you tell the performance difference between generations (i.e. HD 4xxx and HD 5xxxx)? Benchmarks...
  4. jaguarskx said:
    Maybe going with the name "ATI GURU" is not really appropriate.

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