9400 GT & Pentuim 4 3.27 GHZ (LGA)

Hi, this is my PC Specs

Gigabyte G31M-ES2l Motherboard
Pentuim 4 (3.27) 2M Cache ((LGA))
Ge-force 9400GT 1G Video Memory

and i have Problems with these Games even in Medium settings and sometimes low settings

1-METRO 2033

2-Sniper Ghost Warrior

3-Tom Clancy`s Splinter Cell Conviction

4-Assassin`s Creed 2

These Games doesn`t Run Smoothly and they are very slow on my PC,

and now i have the ability and the Budget to change or Upgrade one thing to run these games smoothly

may i know please what i can change or upgrade to run these games smoothly ? and please tell me the Exact Models!!

Appreciate it
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  1. 9400GT isn't a good card for gaming,Its just an entry level graphic card.And your processor is an old Pentium 4,Which is not enough for handling latest games.
    So you have to change your CPU and GPU to run these games smoothly!

    Buy a Core 2 Duo E7500 2.93Ghz (124.99) and a good decent graphics card like an XFX HD5770 1GB(154.99$).
  2. What's your budget?
    If the budget only allows you to change one at a time, I would suggest you change the processor 1st, I would suggest E5700.
  3. Thank you Guys am Pretty sure that the E5700 will fit my Motherboard but am not pretty sure about the HD5770 coz i searched about it and it looks like DDR5 is DDR5 will fit the G31 ?
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