Hello, what causes video card overheating? Is this due to its quality. My video card bought less than a week is broken. What should I do? Change the CPU?
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  1. 1.what causes video card overheating?

    If your case has no enough airflow,the graphics card may overheat!

    2.Is this due to its quality?

    Yes.Some times,temperature of graphics cards with same cores will vary from each providers!

    What happened to your graphics card,Which is your graphics card and does it have warranty?We need more information about your pc specs,Please post your pc specs here.
  2. I bought a second hand hd4870.

    first gen with the black plastic dust cover and 1 central fan. 3 heat pipe gpu stock cooler. at first installation windows driver database installed a totally incompatible driver and instantaneously cause the graphics cards memory to glitch out causing unreadable screen artifacts.

    safe mode uninstall that driver
    reboot and Stop windows from even attempting to find a driver.
    immidiately procure the proper driver/catalyst or forceware package A.S.A.P. driver disk will do but your going to be downloading and updating newest drivers anyway.

    So new drivers the cards working. idle temperatures were up around 80c
    go in to catalyst and fiddle the fan around till temprature drops..
    fan needed to be set too high and made too much noise..


    Take the card out take that goddamn black plastic dust cover crap off and let the fins be exposed to air flow. Temp dropped a little bit.

    Downloaded msi's Afterburner to modify the temp to fan speed ratios.
    this helped a bit in game temperature but not for noise

    Purchased a dual fan card to affix in to an empty pci slot beneath the video card.

    Finally cooling this video card to an idle temp of 45-50c. with 3 fans its fan and fan card.

    but then wait a second now my top mount power supply is now Absorbing all the heat from the video card. and after a day of folding@home gpu/x86 clients going the 750watt psu had overheated and actually shorted out. the fan card had been very helpful in forcing hot air upwards to the top of the case...

    So now what

    I got a new case antec200 gamer case top 140mm X2 120mm + the fan card and the cases psu mounts in the bottom.

    the new case solved having any hot spots developing in the case as it is so much larger than the standard mid tower case every thing was installed in before

    having a top exhaust fan is an excellent case feature

    the computer next to me with its hd3870 in its generic case has the same issue its power supply on the top sucks up too much of the heat and doesn't give it a chance to even cool down psu gets hotter and hotter till its unsafe under extreme load talking bout both gpu/x86 folding@home clients at 100%
    also the 3870 was a single slot stock cooler highly inadequate

    later I swapped the gimmped stock coolers of both the hd4870 and hd3870 for a Thermaltake Duorb gpu cooler.

    assuring that idle temperatures of 35-45c is the norm fluctuating with room temperatures.

    the fan card has been reversed and now vectors the breeze away from the gpu and down in to the bottom mount psu in my antec200 case

    And thats my little story about wanting a higher end graphics card and learning the things around the card also needed to be upgraded a bit to accommodate for their Extra heat generation.
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