BFBC 2 sapphire 5770 choppy frame rate while running

my specs are

core i3 530 (stock)
sapphire 5770 (stock)
2 gb kingston 1333mhz ram
h55 usb3 mobo (atx size)

when i play bfbc2 i get a smooth 40+ at max in dx 10 unless a jet drops a couple of bombs 3 meters aways from me and the effect go wild it drops down to 25+
while iam running in genereal i get choppy gameplay and its at a constat 40+ fps while running its like one frame sticks slightly longer than the other it gives a weird fluttering effect iam using the 10.4 drivers not sure if i should switch to 10.8 cuz i tryed the 10.9 after i bought the card and that was a really bad driver for me.
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  1. Its the CPU, not the GPU.

    this is a game that really benefits from 4 cores. I can play the game on my HTPC at maximum settings with little to no lag. thats with an athlon II 635 and 5770. (with HBAO turned off, my normal settings, i get 40+fps constantly)
  2. so any solutions to optimizing it for only 2 cores a patch a tweak?
  3. and i have all the eycandy on and at max excludung vsync ofc
  4. will it make any remote difference?
  5. dammit iam starting to regret getting a core i3 to be honest
  6. i found the bfbc2 has a beta patch where can i get it?
  7. You didn't mention the resolution you play at. You don't have enough system memory. A quad core is minimal. Your settings are way too high for your hardware.
  8. apply all the patches, i had some annoying stuttering on a sapphire 5850 + x4 955 even though framerate was always over 60, and since the 1.2 patch it's silk smooth
  9. Quote:
    @greghome Intel never claimed that dual core with HT will be better than quad core cpu.HT only helps in application which are threaded.

    Should have seen on facepunch the guy who was trying to tell everyone AMD makes shitty cpu's that are clocked too high and have terrible heatsinks from the start. He said, "It's proven fact that an i3 can beat any of AMD's cpu's. Even a 1090t is *** compared to an i3..."
    ^ Well, with more spelling mistakes ^

    My athlon IIx4 and 5770 gives a good 35-50fps maxed at 16xaf and 4xaa with a resolution of 1680x1050. I have serious issues with playing this game at 30fps or below, as you can actually see the terrible framerate then what other games try and do. Running with CCC 10.9, I don't actually gain fps at lower resolutions or settings and it bugs me, at most medium settings and at 1280x720 gets me a 5+ boost in fps.

    So a driver update might not do much.
  10. apply all the latest patches and that'll likely solve it
  11. @dalta&morgan Looks like some morons using this wonderful forum are hell bent on converting a normal thread into an Intel vs Amd flame war thread.Moderators should ban such users.
  12. Skidrow 2010 said:
    @dalta&morgan Looks like some morons using this wonderful forum are hell bent on converting a normal thread into an Intel vs Amd flame war thread.Moderators should ban such users.

    They should, just like they should ban people that don't give any help or want to point out things that don't follow the thread.
    Don't know what Morgan did either, but whatever.
  13. Here's my opinion. According to this review testing cpu scaling, yes the game is optimized to use a quad core. But You don't need it for good gameplay and maximizing a 5850.
    Here is the same Core i7 920 processor with two cores disabled as well as HyperThreading. As you can see neither core is maxed out, but the CPU utilization is much higher. So again, a decent dual core processor such as a Core 2 Duo E8xxx or Phenom II X2 should be enough to get the most out of your graphics card in this game. While it is quad-core optimized, the game is not demanding enough on the CPU to warrant it based on what I have seen so far.

    Here is a tweak guid web site
    People are assuming that the op has everything else optimized on his computer and pointing toward his cpu ? Maybe his dissatisfaction in gameplay is something others consider fine ?
  14. sry was asleep i am playing at a res of 1440x900 i see my only options are trying out the patches or getting more ram cuz i just bought the core i3 2 wees ago so switching to anything better would be real hard i think 40+ fps at max is kinda good the only problem is the weird stuttering while running
  15. and no body has told me where to download the patches btw ill try the 1.1 or 1.2
  16. Try lowering the in-game settings and see what your FPS is like, if its the same as when you have everything maxed then you have a CPU bottleneck, if you get considerably higher FPS then you know you had your graphic's settings up to high. (and the 'fluttering' should go away)

    The game is extremely CPU intensive, I've seen it use 70% of my Core i7 920 @ 4Ghz (HT on) V-sync off.
  17. i know what u meen i lowered aa to 2x hbo thing to off and vsynce to off then i turned down shadows to medium and effects to medium the problem disapears when i turn effects completly off sry for all the typos
  18. and i get 85+ fps plus with effects on low and shadows on medium
  19. BFBC2's recommended graphics card is a GTX260 or better i believe and a GTX260 is roughly as good as your HD5770 so that would suggest your on the borderline of being able to play on high settings (not maxed out).

    Try playing the game with AA @ x1, HBAO Off, Textures/effects/shadows on Medium and at your monitors native resolution, hopefully that would give you smooth gameplay and still good graphics.
  20. BFBC2 uses all cores evenly on my 1055t @ 3.6ghz, this game is one of the most CPU hungry games there is i believe.
  21. Well one person's version of maxed out is not always really maxed out.
    Bfbc2 has the advanced shadows , hbao2 , which eats gpu power.
    It also has dx9,10,11 exe's
    If you have a dx11 card like the op, its playing in dx11 which offers more eye candy,but plays slower than dx9 or 10 version someone with the gtx 9800 is playing at.
    Could always try forcing dx9 , 10 for higher framerates ?
  22. Yea, dip has a point there =)

    I used to play with a GTX 260 (216) heavily overvolted and overclocked and was not able to get 60 constant frames w/o using any AA whatsoever let alone HBAO @ 1680x 1050 (all settings on high).

    At 1080p you will need at least a GTX 460 / 5850 (both OC'ed) if you want a constant 60FPS and this is w/o any AA. Once you up the AA the frames go down considerably to the point that it gets unplayable when the server is packed w/ heavy nearby explosions.

    I have also tested the game with a single GTS250 1Gb OC'ed and in order to get 60FPS (1680x 1050) or higher I need to keep the settings at "Medium/Low" depending on map/players.
  23. this thread is turning into AMD vs Intel honestly i might have been better off with an athlon x3 or x4 but thats just my luck my dad prefers Intel and so do I but for the price of the i5 750 it wasn't it so i found the nifty core i3 and yeah never struck me that id need to lose the fake threads and get a couple more cores. oh well ill get an i7 when the prices drop in a few years.
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    Select best answer and close the thread.
    gd point and no offence to anyone thx for all the help people :bounce: :hello:
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