Triple Monitor System for Trading

Hi guys, I am new to this forum, so please be gentle.

I am currently rebuilding my system as the previous system is very unstable and crashed several times and often when I am in position, so I am relegating the current system for recreational use only.

My old system:
AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ 3 Ghz (1152kb X 2)
MSI K9A2 CF-F AM2+ Mainboard
Seagate 250gb 3.5" SATA 16mb
Kingston 6400/800 2gb DDR2 RAM (CL5)
Super Flower 550W PSU

with 3 19" monitors. 2 with DVI outputs, 1 with Analog output.

I spoke to my tech support guy at Trade Navigator (my trading software), and they gave me this advice:

"What you have so far seems pretty good, I would look into more powerful
vid cards and a bigger power supply. When I talk to folks I tell them to
build around video card, think of Trade Nav as a grown up game so you
want to go for the best graphics you can afford at the time. If you have
any questions feel free to call me here in support and grill me on the
perfect set up.

So when building a PC start with the vid card then all the other parts
will fall into place. The card will decide the board you can use the
board will decide the Ram and Processor and so on, but remember get the
best power supply you can afford."

Hence, I bought the following:
Coolermaster GX 650W PSU
Sapphire Radeon HD5770 Flex Ed 1gb GDDR5 PCI-E
Hitachi 500gb 3.5" 16mb SATA
Intel Solid State Drive 80gb (I intend to boot my computer through this SSD)

I guess Sapphire HD5770 is the only card that can support all 3 of my current monitors.

Any comments about Coolermaster GX650W PSU? As I just bought it at my local retailer, i think they have a 7 days exchange policy. I heard good things about the Seasonic X Series 650W Modular

Need some advice from experts here about what kind of motherboard and chip that I should get that will work well with the Sapphire HD 5770. And also is DDR3 RAM really necessary?

I guess speed is not really important to me, since charts are 2D, but it is streaming live data, so I am at a loss of what I actually need.
Of course, stability is a huge factor.

thanks for your patience for reading through this extremely tedious and long first post.

that trader
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    If you can exchange the CM PSU for the Seasonic for free, do it! Seasonic is the best in the PSU business.
    That said, you wouldn't have any issues with the CM unless you began to really stress it with a second GPU - that's really all that could, unless you have a bazillion fans with LEDs and the like.

    The HD5770 will work well for you. It's still a great performing card, even compared to some of the newer GPUs being released now.

    As for your CPU/Motherboard, that would really depend on how much you're willing to spend. I would recommend Intel if you have the money, and AMD if you're on a more constricting budget. You could also get away with DDR2 RAM, but in some cases building a DDR2-based system (motherboard, CPU, and RAM) can cost the same as or more than a DDR3 system these days.
  2. Thanks Boiler for your response, I will keep your comments in mind.

    For motherboards, my savvier mates say MSI instead of Gigabyte, hence I am looking at these MSI motherboards...

    For motherboards, these are my Intel options:

    MSI H55M-E32 H55 w/GBE/HD Sound $155
    MSI H55M-E33 H55 w/GBE/HD Sound $169
    MSI H55M-GD65 H55 w/GBE/HDMI/DVI $195
    MSI P57M-ED65 H55 w/Raid/GBE/HDMI $239
    MSI P55-GD55 P55 w/GBE/HD Sound $199

    For AMD motherboards:

    MSI 740GTM-P23 AMD740G SB710/DDR2 $167
    MSI 785G-E53 AMD785/SB710/DDR3 $243
    MSI 870A-G54 USB 3.0/SATA 3/DDR3 $233
    MSI 880GM-E41 AMD880G DDR3 $225
    MSI 880GMA-E45 AMD880G DDR3 $236
    MSI 890GXM-G65 USB3.0/SATA3 $278
    MSI 890FXA-GD70 USB3.0/SATA 3/FW $375

    (Prices are listed in Singapore Dollars)

    In terms of types of applications run, it will be in this order: 1. Trading Navigator (Trading Software with live streaming datafeed) 2. Camtasia Studio 6 (recording software) 3. Light internet surfing = no streaming porn

    I value stability over all else, as for speed, as long it can run the above applications well, I am fine with it.

    Will my Intel SSD work well with the AMD mainboard?

    For RAM, my local retailers have limited brandnames: Kingston, Corsair, G Skill, Patriot, OCZ. What will u guys recommend?

    Oh last question, i promise, for my old build, it was a little too noisy for my liking, and it gets really hot really fast, I am not sure if the problem was the AMD chip, the motherboard, the fan or something else. Hence, if I go with Intel, will it solve this issue?
  3. There isn't a huge difference between MSI and Gigabyte, but if I had to choose, I would probably say MSI as well.

    Do you not have access to a P55 Intel motherboard? Otherwise I would go for the H55s like you listed or the 890 chipset (which is unfortunately more expensive), and a Core i5-750/760 for Intel and a Phenom II X4 955 for AMD.

    As for SSD, it acts as a hard drive, so the brand has no effect on it's compatibility.

    Any of those RAM brands will work fine, but I would avoid OCZ if it's the "Gold" model; there were issues with it not running at the rated speeds.

    If you get a good cooling solution, your computer should run a little cooler. An inexpensive CPU cooler wile the Cooler Master 212+ will help your CPU stay cool, but the case and the number of fans will also determine how cool and loud your setup is.
  4. Yup! Keep your finger away from the OCZ RAMs. I have RAM'ed many of them.

    About the SSD, try also to consider OCZ Vertex 2, Crucial C300 or G.Skill Phoenix pro. They have better performance compared to Intels 80GB SSD and have about the same price too.
  5. Thanks again boiler. My local retailer do have other brands and P55 as well...

    For MSI...
    MSI P55-GD55 P55 w/GBE/HD Sound $199
    MSI P55A-GD 65 P55 USB 3.0/SATA 3 $279
    MSI P55A-Fuzion P55 USB 3.0/SATA 3 $299
    MSI P55 - GD85 P55 USB 3/SATA 3 $319

    But i don't think i need USB 3 or SATA, so would u recommend MSI P55-GD55 P55 w/GBE/HD Sound over MSI H55-GD65 H55 w/GBE/HDMI/DVI?

    The RAM that I was thinking is indeed the Gold model, so what do u think of the PC3 12800/1600 Kingston HyperX CL9 instead?
  6. If you don't need that kind of stuff, the H55 should work well. What you spend on an Intel CPU/Mobo (CPU more expensive) *should* cost basically the same as an AMD CPU/Mobo (Mobo more expensive).

    The onboard video doesn't really affect you because you won't use it with a dedicated GPU.

    Kingston's HyperX is good stuff. If that's your best option, go for it.
  7. Thanks Boiler.

    A summary of my build:
    Mainboard+chip: MSI H55-GD65 H55 w/GBE/HDMI/DVI with i3 3.06ghz
    RAM: 6gb DDR3 Kingston HyperX 1600 CL9
    Power: Seasonic X Series 650W
    Graphics Card: Sapphire HD5770 Flex
    SSD: Intel X25-M SATA
    Hard Disk: 500gb

    and i have a super newbie I need a PCI Ethernet Network Card?

    Current internet situation:
    I am currently using a D-link wireless router to distribute connectivity throughout my house, but I need a stable connection to my system, hence I am using a LAN cable to connect the router and the CPU.
  8. guanyu210379 said:
    Yup! Keep your finger away from the OCZ RAMs. I have RAM'ed many of them.

    About the SSD, try also to consider OCZ Vertex 2, Crucial C300 or G.Skill Phoenix pro. They have better performance compared to Intels 80GB SSD and have about the same price too.

    Thank Guanyu...i will keep away from OCZ RAM then. :)

    Alas, I have already bought the Intel one, so got to stick with this for now.
  9. Your motherboard has a built-in LAN chipset (ethernet), so you just need to install the drivers for it on the CD and you'll be golden.
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