New computer build while first boot fatal errors occuring

can someone help me? i got a new build with an asus board. during first boot i get the chasis intruded message and the fatal error system has halted. i have reset the cmos and the ram and have tried everything. also it fails when it attempts to locate the HDD. i have already disabled the chasis message through bios. please help me in any way you can. thank you.
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  1. Is an O/S installed?
    If so have you set the hdd as the first/primary boot device?
  2. no os installed. it wont let me i keep getting the fatal error system has halted message =/ im runnin outa options
    first stage of post bios when it scans for HDD fails but it recognizes in the bios that the hdd is there.
    also i listened to the beep codes i have (AMI [ameritrend]) n i am getting 2 beeps. 1 initial beep n a beep right around when it fails to boot.
  3. ive looked in there and other web sites just to make sure i wasnt doing something crazy. =/ the beep codes were established it was the ram but i got 2 brand new sets from newegg that should be compatible i tried both new sets and still same beep. any suggestions as to what i should do? thank you in advance!
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