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im mid way through a pc build and im wondering if i can plug a 3 pin fan (cpu or case) into my motherboards 4 pin connector
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    Yes, not a problem. The connection should only let you plug it into the proper 3 pins.
  2. Yes

    2 seconds too slow
  3. why don't you try it and see if it works...most likely it will
  4. Yes, it works. But you'll have to see what kind of fan speed control you can get. 3-pin fan ports achieve speed control by supplying to the fan a variable voltage. 4-pin fan ports supply a fixed full 12 VDC to the fan, and then add a PWM signal on the fourth line that the fan uses (via its own built-in circuitry) to slow the fan down to the right speed. So a 3-pin fan on a 4-pin port will run all the time at full speed.

    The exception to that is that some mobo's have a BIOS option for their 4-pin fan ports that allows you to tell it to change to 3-pin control mode and use the variable-voltage system instead. Some may even do this automatically. But some cannot, and you get full-speed fan at all times. Works, and cools well, but a little more noisy than a speed-controlled fan.
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