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I enjoy working with the Paint Shop Pro and Painter X software, designing photo maniputlation and painting. My question is, does any one know if using these software programs are better on reg. computer or can I run these software with out any problems on a Laptop? I have been using a reg Computer, but It was old, and I'm looking to buy a new computer and I'm interested in a laptop. I also play games like Sims 2, so I will need alot of memory, etc. Thank you for your help.
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  1. reg. computer??????

    laptops will always be less powerful than desktops while also expensiver, all because of the reduced size, but as long long as it's got some decent specs there won't be any problems running any programs in it
  2. Hello guy,

    Obviously u can enjoy working with laptop and that's portable too. You can use these software just like the PC in laptops. But PC's are playing a very effective role than the portable laptops. So best you can use your favorite software in PC's itself. That could be better. Thank you.
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