How to make a 3x2 inch monitor

3x2 lcd screen monitor , how would you make one?
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  1. grab a full sized lcd and cut it off to "3x2" with a dremel?

    how the hell are you going to "make" a lcd, you BUY lcds you don't make them!
  2. ^LMAO. Well played sir, well played indeed.
  3. You did not read the question ! I have a 3x2 lcd digital picture frame , it displays pictures on it , I'm sure you have seen them. I would like to display what is on my computer screen live on it as if it was a 3x2 monitor. I have heard that this can be done with some of them . Here are all my questions. How is it done, which kind of frames work, why them and not all frames. Can any lcd be made into a monitor with a circuit board, how would you build that circuit board? ( plans please ) My fault I should have gone into more detail of what I was wanting the answer to.
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