Gigabyte x58a-ud3r having trouble posting two hard drives


Im trying to put more than one hardrive in my PC. I bought two SSD's and had a HDD. I wanted to put the OS on one of the SSD's, so I took out all the hard drives and then put in the SSD and reinstalled windows. since then, I cant get the PC to see either the second SSD or the HDD. Ive gone into BIOS changed ports, cables, nothing seems to work. What can I do?
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    Check the SATA ports that you are using for attachment. Are they all Intel ports or are you using the others? Are the other controllers enabled in the bios if you are trying to use those ports?
  2. This issue is solved. It turns out that a sata power to 4 pin connector was bad. it prevented the PC from ever being able to detect it, since it was receiving no power. It took me a week to figure that out. (faceplam) I nearly bought a new motherboard....
  3. That will probably never happen again, huh? :)
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