About 8800 GTS SLI performance...

Currently I own an EVGA NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS 640MB graphics card (I know it's old..), and just found another one online, which I will be buying so that I may run an SLI setup.

With these 2 cards in SLI-mode, what type of power do you think I'll get with this setup?

I've heard comparisons to a 250 or 260GTS, but I was just curious on what you personally thought.


Purpose for SLI'ing these 2: to run graphics on SC2 in ultra. Right now I'm getting them set to high with just the one card :p
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  1. There are issues with SC2 right now and SLI, but there is a quick fix out there that makes SLI perform a ton better, and I'm sure Blizzard will patch it eventually. Thank you for the answer!
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