Brand new Gigabyte 5850 only works with vga, not dvi/hdmi

Here's my system:
Gigabyte 5850
Asus p5n-d
G.skill 4gb ram
Corsair HX650W
Windows 7 x64

I just got the 5850 in the mail today, and after installing everything, it doesn't seem to display any picture on my montior via DVI (even in BIOS). I found a vga cable, which worked, but I still want to have a digital picture! Any ideas?

BTW everything works fine with my old 8800gt.
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  1. Try another connector like HDMI.
  2. Tamz_msc said:
    Try another connector like HDMI.

    I did, and I got the same result.
  3. All right! I just tried it with a vga cable (had to dig though everything I had to find one...) and I got a picture! Slightly fuzzy, but a picture! I hope that all I have to do is update the bios on this card so I can have a digital picture...
  4. I updated the thread, I just checked the card using GPU-Z and I already have the newest bios. I wonder what's going on?
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