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I am trying to help this guy, who just bought a new GT240. It is a passive card. (No additional 6-pin power cable)
He used to have an on_board gpu. We don't know exactly, but he is believed to have a weak PSU, since his PC is pre-build retail.

When he plugs in the new GT240 he can't get past POST.

Since he doesn't know *** about his PC specs, he is going to post some pictures of his mobo and psu. I'll come back to you with more details, but right now my question is the following:

He said he thinks the sticker on his PSU (or something in the back) says 350V (yeah, V, so this is not confirmed info). Presuming it said 350W, and that the 12v rail has above 180W, wouldn't that be enough to get the PU past POST?
Can an old 8-pin mobo even support gt240? If the PSU isn't it, what could be?
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  1. hmm... ALL gt240s are "geforces"
  2. Depending on the specs, he probably have the 4 pin cpu connector connected instead of the full 8 pin, which is a factory blocked capped little dongle over the other 4 pins that you have to remove.

    In other words, remove the cap over the 8 pin and unplug your 4 pin to finally plug your 8 pin :
  3. But nvidia sells them to oem first, which then they rename their card to XFX Geforce 240 GT SUPER dupper FTW Reach Fire Turbo Ice Whatever...

    All Nvidia geforces are geforces, even renamed by a manufacturer.
  4. Okay! More details:

    Here are 3 stills of his case:

    On one you can see abit of the mobo code. And I guess it says:
    Msi Ms 7525 Ver 1.0 mainboard


    He has bought a CORSAIR cx400w, and the card still does not work.
    The card DOES, however, work with his friends pc.
    The boot is set to pci-e agp.

    !!!!!IMPORTANT!!!!!: When the card is inserted, the pc doesn't get past POST. It doesn't even get to the boot screen.
    If the card is taken out, everything is as usual.

    That made me think of the psu in the first case.

    What could be keeping the pc from starting with the new card? -Not the PSU, The card works. The mobo (if my prediction is true) is more than sufficient.
  5. yes mobo is sufficient to run gt 240 ddr5.Better check if he is fitting the card properly.Or try installing the card on the pcie x1 slot for if the x16 slot is already damaged somehow u kno......
  6. Well, did you check the pictures. I am not positively sure if that it is MSI. It was a retail PC, (even with on_board graphics) so quality mobo is not likely.
  7. abt the mobo,I checked it here

    for it ws written "MS 7525 ver: 1.0"
  8. Okey. So its not PSU. It's not mobo...

    What the ***!?
  9. Update:
    His pci-e slot is said to be working.
  10. iZver said:
    His pci-e slot is said to be working.


  11. Perhaps he did not set the bios properly? Does any of u have an MSI mamaboard?

    His boot looks like that

    He has said he has "BIOS changed from PCI to PCI-E" Make what you want out of that.
  12. Here are the screens from his BIOS:
    He has PCI-E as his vga adapter......
  13. Clear cmos

    Then check the ram module

    Then check connection of the psu

    Then if not working the board is probably dead (or freaking out that gt 240?)
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