Stuttering, after old raptor install on new build

after replacing the old mobo (asrock z77 ex 6) because of doing the same thing. everything was running fine until,I had a crazy idea to slip in the three old wd raptors from 2006 as 3 disk raid 0 for backup and now on (msi z77 gd55) I'm having the same problemas last time on last mobo , the screen stutters every 2-4 seconds and music and games stutter too,even after taking the raptors out, reflashing the bios that i modded to update the intel raid orom,cleared cmos,reinstalled win 7 in ahci and ide mode, my question is, is there any more options because this only happens when i install the raptors and when i take them out, finally found a solution that makes the music not stutter by setting the pci latency timer to 128 but games stutter even more then. and stuff stutters even less when i disable the dvd drive and disable write back cache in rst control panel

my specs
core i5 4.4 ghz
msi z77 gd55
gigabyte 7870
2x adata premier pro sp900 in raid 0
500 gig hitachi cinema star
logisys 480 watt for mainboard
thermaltake power express 250 for vc

please help ive already bought new mobo because of this
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  1. You didn't need a new motherboard, you needed a dedicated RAID controller card.
  2. was looking into that last night, went through multiple reviews and for my budget and requirements (going to add 2 or three more ssd's I came up with this

    HighPoint RocketRAID 2720SGL PCI-Express 2.0 x8
    I know its soft raid but was wondering what you would think would be a good raid controller for that many ssd's i know its over kill but just want to break 2000mb's second
  3. I would start with looking at Adaptec controllers. Yes they are more expensive but their expertise and features outweights the cost.

    RAID 0 - look at this one

    RAID 5 - look at this one

    and to improve performance even more with RAID 5, add this

    description -
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