A good fan w/ Sabertooth x58 and tall heatsinks

I was wondering what CPU cooler would go well with a Sabertooth X58 and triple channel Vengeance RAM. I am currently considering the V6, but I've heard that was enormous, might cover a RAM slot, and I'm not sure about having all that weight hanging from my motherboard. I am also considering the Hyper 212 Plus, which is smaller. I want a better cooler than the one that came with the processor, won't cover a RAM slot, and not have to remove the fan from the HAF 932's side panel. Maybe there would be a way to work with v6 so it won't cover the RAM?
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    CM really only makes two really good 120mm coolers the 212+ and the V6GT.
    All the others are average imo.
    The V6 and the V6GT have the same dimensions.
    131 x 120 x 165 mm/ much bigger then most tower coolers.
    The 212+ in comparison is 120 x 79.7 x 158.5 mm.
    The width of the 212+ will play alot better with your ram since the dimm intrusion is much less.
    The only other suitable coolers are the Prolimatechs at a much higher cost/fans not included.
    Megahalems Rev.B (L)130mm X (W)74mmX (H)158.7mm
    Armageddon (L)144mm X (W)50mmX (H)160.3mm
    The thinner the width the less dimm intrusion/overhang
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