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So I am planning on buying a Cooler Master Storm Scout case and I was planning on buying an ROG Maximus IV Extreme motherboard for my new build. However, it states on the ROG website that the form factor is Extended ATX and the case list that it only supports ATX form factor. Common sense would say they don't fit but I was curious if the Extended Form factor was still compatible?
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  1. Extended-ATX motherboards are larger than normal ATX boards and require more risers/screws. I read that the CM Storm-Scout case is built for ATX and mATX motherboards only.

    Here is a case that will support eATX upto 12"x13" - XCLIO A380BK
  2. Yes I knew as much. However, I read that ATX form factor is 12 x 9.6 and Extended ATX is 12 x 13. On the ROG board site, they list the dimensions at 12 x 10.6, thus not truly Extended ATX. My question is does the CM Storm have that extra inch that it would need?
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