500gb 840 vs 256 gb 840 pro

500gb 840 = $280
256gb 840 pro = $230

For a new laptop I have just purchased.

I'm worried for longevity issues with the TLC in samsung 840, but i can get double the capacity with just 50 more.

Please help me decide! Is TLC reliable enough????
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  1. do you need the extra space? if Yes, then u have your answer...

    elementary dear Watson!
  2. dingo07 said:
    do you need the extra space? if Yes, then u have your answer...

    elementary dear Watson!

    I don't need the extra space. But I don't need the extra write speed either. I just want to know you guys' opinions on what you guys would do. 250 gb is plenty space. but if there's absolutely no disadvantage of going regular 840 other than write speed. I will definitely go for it.
  3. If samsung are using tlc in their ssd's chances are it is going to be just as reliable as any of their other ssd's.
  4. The higher capacity helps longevity, since your write activity per day will be practically the same whether it's 500 or 256 GB.

    I wouldn't worry about the 500 GB 840.
  5. you won't notice the difference in the speed between the two... that's what my point was (insinuated, of course)
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    Personally I think the TLC was probably pretty thoroughly vetted in Samsung's lab, But No one can give a definitive answer as it has not been out long enough.

    Performance wise; benchmark would probably show a big diff, however in real life there would only be a small diff. I have the 256 gig 840 pro in laptop (replaced a 256 gig Crucial M4 and a 256 gig 830 (replaced a 128 gig 830) in i5-2500k Desktop - I saw NO diff in performance. But in benchmark there was a BIG diff in overall AS SSD score between 840 Pro and Crucial M4.

    256 gig SSD really provides about 191 Gigs usable space. The 500 equates to about 373 gigs space. Based on -7% due to manuf counting and real formatted size and - 20% which is the recommended Free space to allow for optimum performance.

    You indicated the 256 was enough space, that's today, Next year - who knows.

    If they were the same size, I would go the 840 Pro: However; an extra 162 gig for 50 bucks is awful tempting - So I'll have to say I'd go with the 500 gig 840.
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