Pc not detecting 5770 radeon.

I'm not sure,somehow my ati catalyst driver won't detect my 5770, it will only detect my ati hd 4290. When I plug my monitor into the 5770 there is no signal from the monitor.

I have a brand new computer,750 watt psu. Do I have to fiddle with the bios?If so what do I do to switch from my 4290 to the 5770?
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  1. Did you connect the 6-pin PCI-E connector at the back? Is the 5770 properly seated in the PCI-E slot? Can you dissable onboard video in the BIOS? List your full specs.
  2. Do you have a motherboard that's still using the PCI-Express 1.0 standard? If so, the 5770 uses PCI-E 2.1, so it won't be compatible.
  3. My motherboard uses pci e 2.0 And I'm pretty sure I seated it correctly into the x16 slot.

    And I can't seem to disable my integrated because it can't detect the 5770.
  4. Please supply the power supply's actual brand name and model.

    Otherwise, Driversweep your old display drivers and then install the latest catalyst drivers and see if it works.

    Have you confirmed that the GPU is working? Is the fan going? what...?
  5. I'm having the exact same issue, it's only picking up the 4290, not the 5770. The fan is working on the card and everything. I've tried uninstalling the driver for the 4290 and installing the 5770 latest drivers, still just says '4290' for the currently installed driver... I'm really out of ideas...
  6. Which card is your monitor plugged into? If you are plugged into the integrated card, the 5770 won't show, as it isn't being used.
  7. I've tried plugging it into both the DVI and HDMI ports on the card, no signal to monitor
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