TV Tuner (Coaxial and Composite) for Windows 7

Can anyone recommend a good TV tuner card? I want to watch TV over coaxial cable as well as play games over composite input. I tried a Diamond ATI tv wonder hd 650 tuner, but it didn't work for me in Windows 7. My Old Hauppauge WinTV card (forget the model number) worked in XP, but not in Windows 7. Basically, I need a Windows 7 64-bit supported card that's PCI (My motherboard doesn't have enough room for it to be PCI-E) that has coaxial and composite inputs with low lag (The ATI card had about 2 - 3 seconds of lag in XP, making it impossible to play games with it).
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  1. Is this the card here? It's just listed as Philips instead of Sabrent, but when I looked it up, they both show up on Google.
    Also, have you tried the composite input on your card? Does there seem to be any input lag? That's one of my major concerns, because I'll mostly be using this for gaming.
  2. So I bought the card and installed it into my system, but Windows doesn't automatically find any drivers for it, nor does it find the drivers on the CD. Are you using a 64-bit version of Windows?
  3. I've tried with numerous drivers posted in forums with people having the exact same problem. If you could possibly find a link to the exact drivers that you used, it would really help. The device manager lists the card as SAA7130 TV Card, but states that "Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)."
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