I am trying to figure out the difference in these cards.

So i was at best buy and found a card that i thought would be okay for what i am trying to do. I also did some research and figured out that people seem to like it:
Box at Best Buy
Tag at Best Buy

As well shown in the tag photo the model number is: HD-577A-ZNFR

I then started looking at their website only to find that the exact model number is not online the closest i found is : HD-577A-ZNF
Best Buy online item

I naturally went to new egg next to find the exact same item and all i could find is: HD-577A-ZNFC
New Egg link

I have tried to find what the differences are in these cards if any. or if these are really all the same card just with misprints on the model numbers.

Can anyone help me figure out what the differences are in these? also if you think there is a better card for around the same price with same features then let me know.

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  1. At first I thought it might be one of those BB gimmick where they ask manufacturers to change the model number to have an "exclusive model" and therefore not have to pricematch with anyone, but then I found this thread. It seems is might be an older model (a bit like when MB manufacturers have revision 1.0, 2.0, ...) that has been discontinued. Given the problems reported in the thread, I would either try to find a current model or make sure they have a good return policy in case it didn't work.
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    They are all basically the same, im not sure what the difference are between the various non XXX versions but they are extremely minor, usually related to software bundles. The XXX versions are overclocked. The one from newegg will 99.9% identical to the one from best buy no matter which of the HD-577A-ZNF* models it is, except it will be a ton cheaper off of newegg.
  3. Thanks all for the answers. That clears things up a bit.
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